QuattroPod mini

QuattroPod Mini system is the most innovative solution for BYOD conference rooms, and it enhances collaboration by sharing screens wirelessly! It integrates powerful dual core SoC and advanced 802.11ac 5G Wi-Fi to provide you a smooth wireless display experience, and it supports almost all devices. Our features not only support ‘’Split Screens Display”, “ Host Control System” but also let cross platform devices throw the contents in APP-independence. It provides a more friendly and efficient environment for BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) with wireless projection in legacy/ existing projectors or monitors you have! Enjoy them and help you to achieve more collaboration!


  1. PLUG AND PLAY – Share screens from your favorite smart devices with plug and play. No app required.
  2. MOBILE DEVICES – No matter if you use Android or iOS phones and tablets, QuattroPod Mini lets you concentrate on delivering the knockout presentation.
  3. CROSS PLATFORM WIRELESS PRESENTATIONS – Share screens from Windows/Mac laptops and Android/iOS smart phones with QuattroPod Mini for a true BYOD conference room.
  4. HOST CONTROL – Control your meetings with QuattroPod Mini to make sure everything stays on topic and make informed decisions every time.


  1. QuattroPod Mini Receiver (hereinafter called Rx) with external antennas, x1
  2. QuattroPod Mini Transmitter (hereinafter called Tx) with USB cable, x2
  3. 5V Universal Adapter, x 1
  4. HDMI Cable for Rx, x 1
  5. HDMI Cable for Tx, x 1
  6. Quick Start Guide, x 1

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QuattroPod – Wireless BYOD Connectivity without Software, for any Device and Operating System

QuattroPod Mini Set, includes 2 Transmitters and one Receiver

The QuattroPod system is an innovative solution for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) conferencing and improves collaboration by wirelessly sharing screens. A QuattroPod receiver can be connected to 64 transmitters and display the content of up to four of them simultaneously on one display. Conferences and presentations become interactive at the touch of a button, without tedious tangle or compatibility issues.

Any device & OS
The transmitter can be powered using the USB connector and is equipped with an HDMI-input port. It thus allows the connection to any device, such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones, regardless of the manufacturer or operating system used.

Learn & Study Together
In school / university the joint editing of digital content is an integral part for good results. QuattroPod simplifies the procedure considerably thanks to cross-platform and cross-manufacturer compatibility and so does not distract from the actual work!

On the Road
Extreme flexibility without any imponderabilities – sales and field representatives like to be able to use the own hardware for their customer presentations on site. Simply take a QuattroPod receiver and transmitter with you and the presentation can be held directly from your own device, such as a laptop or tablet. Thanks to the MultiView function, one display can show up to 4 streams simultaneously so customers can also contribute to the discussion with their own device, e.g. smartphone!

Long range, full resolution
The QuattroPod receivers can output screen resolutions up to 4K / UltraHD / 2160p and are therefore fully compatible with existing 4K / UHD screens. The distance between transmitter and receiver modules can be up to 30 meters. Smaller output resolutions such as FullHD / 1080p are of course also no problem for QuattroPod.

At the push of a button or AirPlay
On the top of each transmitter is a push button that transmits the respective input signal to the connected receiver, when pressed. This makes any software / app installation unnecessary. Alternatively, compatible Apple devices can transmit to a receiver via AirPlay and without the need for a dedicated transmitter.

Touch Control
Touch displays / projectors with touch function can use QuattroPod to transmit their control data in the opposite direction to a Windows-based input device. So the connected input device can easily be operated using the display’s touch function (up to 10-point multitouch)!

QuattroPod Mini Features:

  • Easy-to-use, efficient environment for BYOD applications and wireless connectivity in up to 30 meters with any device
  • Full support of Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, for notebooks, tablets and smartphones from almost any manufacturer
  • Support of UltraHD / 4K / 2160p resolutions for state-of-the-art display devices with up to 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Up to 64 wireless transmitters with one receiver. One unit receives and displays the contents from up to 4 transmitters simultaneously (QuadView / MultiView), incl. Apple Airplay support
  • Plug & Play – Simply connect via HDMI & USB and present at the touch of a button
  • For maximum interactivity and control, the touch control data is sent back to a Windows device in the opposite direction

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